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May 26, 2011
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Death Colossus: Plaguebearer by StormTitan Death Colossus: Plaguebearer by StormTitan
My Entry for the Rift Colossus contest.

Plaguebearer's appearance through the Death Rift marks the start of the end. The colossus is an entire invasion horde all on its own. The undead Riftspawn writing inside his chest and stomach cavity may be weak, but they are endless in number. Plaguebearer absorbs the death around him and creates more living dead. The only way to stop the invasion is to kill the source: the towering death colossus himself.

This is probably the most detailed I've gone into a piece. Each one of the zombies inside the colossus's chest and stomach was painstakingly painted in. Full view for details!
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I like this, tis very nice.
thedruidaXD Jun 16, 2011
its like a magic card XD
Not saying you copied it or anything but similar idea to this

vapourgrafix May 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
this work got me highly irritated...scared and freaked. this is ultimately freaky. and is definitely the winner. imagine those skeletons falling down and running at you...imagine large worms crawling down and gently comes at you and constricts you. the colossus simply steps on you or puts his hands into his chests, gathers a hand full on those skeletons and throws them all at you
xXxCrystalWolfxXx May 26, 2011  Student Artist
When I said boss, I meant Colossus! XD
xXxCrystalWolfxXx May 26, 2011  Student Artist
Hmmm, I am guessing skeletons would fall out of his belly, and that would be the little minions that you have to fight to get to the boss, and the boss seems to have purple magic, that it can blast at someone, doing mass damage.... this is very intersting! ^_^
I love the entire design of this colossus, but I do wonder... what gives him the name of plaguebearer? If I am missing some sort of hint towards the name feel free to point it out :P.
Plaguebearer is a nod towards two things. First the nature of the Death plane is plague-like, rife with disease and death. Secondly, plagues can be used to describe swarms of things (ex. plague of locusts), which is a reference to the colossus's ability to swarm the field with undead. :)
of all colossus i've seen, this one is a real winner. good luck!
Light-Arrow May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
duuuude! thats creepy and awesome. love the idea. faved. good luck! =)
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